John Goldberger Watches

Corrections list

Pg.7, The reference Explorer II 16270 should be 16570

Pg. 7, The reference Yacht-Master 16622 was introduced in 1999

Pg.11, Column 1, (In 1922 for example, Wilsdorf registered a name for his watches: Submarine)

Pg.11, Column 2, the correct spelling "Gleitz" is "Gleitze"

Pg. 27, The reference number on the top center Panerai should be 3646

Pg. 88, Top left, should be reference 4767

Pg.124, Bottom left, the caliber should be 72

Pg.191, Center, the correct case number is 5746055

I welcome any information that either expands upon or contradicts anything I have written.

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